Top of the Pops 1964-2006

There was a time when TOTP was pretty cheesy and something you wouldn’t really be seen dead watching.   That was about 2 months after it was really cool to watch it and you’d never miss a show.  Fact is we all went through that phase at some time growing up.  The actual years vary for us all and are not relevant.

Highlights for me where Wham!, with Young Guns, Blondie’s first appearance singing Rip Her to Shreds and the somewhat awkward times when either the Sex Pistols, or Frankie Goes to Hollywood were No.1 and they couldn’t play them……

Sadly now it seems that with the advent of so many other avenues to access music and music video, viewing figures have tumbled to just over 1 million from a peak of 15 million in it’s heyday.

The first programme opened with the Rolling Stones, who mimed I Wanna Be Your Man, then Number 13 in the “hit parade”. The final show, to be screened on BBC2 on Sunday, will feature black-and-white footage of the same band performing their 1965 hit This Could Be The Last Time.

I think it is all rather well summed up by The Rezillos with their biggest hit, Top of the Pops.

“Does it matter what is shown
Just as long as everyone knows
What is selling what to buy
The stock market for your hi fi
Take the money – leave the box
Everybody’s on Top Of The Pops”

Irony indeed.

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