The demise of the machines

When you call your bank does it drive you crazy that you can never seem to find a person?

When all you want to do is find out what time the shop closes but you can’t until you’ve entered your account number, passcode, mothers maiden name and inside leg measurement and been on hold for 3 days?

We all know why service providers have all gone electronic. It’s all about saving money and absolutely sod all to do with providing a service. Irony anyone?

Well, all this is about to change: log on to

This american has set up a site with the ‘cheat sheets’ for a host of major companies and will be providing a UK version in the near future. The tips he provides help you to beat the system and get through to a person. For example, when calling American Airlines, press 00, then say ‘agent’

If you know any, do provide them to him and we can start waging our own battle to bring back people for us to talk to. You never know, it might take off and be a new marketing ploy….. actually I’ve heard that it already has in some areas. The return of customer service.


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