London Motorists Action Group

Seems I am not alone in resenting the actions of our ‘leaders’ in government and local authority when it comes to raiding the poor motorists wallet.

Quite the opposiste. A new organisation, the London Motorists Action Group, has been formed to represent the honest motorist, ripped off by Nanny or her agents. Their aims:

LMAG aims to STOP the tax farming abuse by London Councils and Transport for London.

We aim to EMPOWER London motorists in their fight against parking enforcement

And the website is:

There’s some useful information here, including some dreadful stories of overcharging and downright dishonesty in what LMAG calls ‘tax farming’, or Nanny authorised stealth taxation. Or, in some cases, plain fraud.

Many of us are being taken for a ride.

And not on a new bendy bus either.

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