Happy Hangovers All!

In this midweek no mans land – neither Christmas nor New Year, most of us are not at work. We wait in limbo until the next celebration – as if we need any more food… But we are always ready for a drink. And hot of the presses comes a new product designed to deal with the hangover before you’ve even got one.

A herbal patch that claims to counter the horrors of a hangover while a person is still drinking is being launched in Britain. The skin patch, about the same size as a nicotine patch, was launched in America last year. It is now available online in Britain.

The patch contains four ingredients: milk thistle, artichoke, green tea and vitamin C, all of which are said to have some effect on hangovers.

The product, called Sober X whose manufucturers advise “You put it on before you start drinking and you feel better the next day. But we do not claim this is a complete cure.”

“No doubt the majority of adults will be suffering from a hangover this New Year’s Day, so we’re delighted to be launching in Britain,” they said.

A brilliant idea and I felt it my duty to bring it to my readers attention. However, for every good idea, there is always some misery who takes the opposite view. Don Shenker, the director of policy and services at Alcohol Concern, said the best way to deal with a hangover was to avoid one.

“Not drinking too much is the best thing to do,” he said. “Herbal or chemical remedies are not going to help the damage the body suffers from excessive drinking. There is only one message: drinking excessively is bad for you.”

Not exactly ground breaking stuff Don.

Happy Hangovers to all!

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