First Clays – sore shoulder

As the shooting season begins I admit to an degree of anticipation.   The cool mornings, low sun, still, quiet and peaceful.

Happily shattered by the crack of 12 guages.   Well, what did you expect?  Keats?

So yesterday, having texted Mr FM to see if he was up for a few clays I went out into the paddock in search of a pigeon or two.   Crafty so and so’s pigeons – they have great eyesight and once spotted they turn away from you in an instant.   Most just flew across the field and into the big chestnut tree.   Oh for a second gun!   But I managed one, crossing left to right and turning slightly away from me – it was a good clean shot, though I say so myself.   And, not having even opened the gun cabinet since February I was feeling pretty smug.

Back indoors for a proper breakfast, which tastes all the better for having done a bit of honest work beforehand and the phone rings.   Mr FM is up for clays.   Hoorah!

Grab kit, cartridges, gun and ear defenders, leap in Land Rover an off we go.

2 hours and one very sore shoulder later I realise a number of things:  I have not completely lost the knack – but I need more practice.   That the instinctive shot – a quick clean mount – is better than thinking about it too much.   Think and the bird is gone.   And how much I’ve enjoyed shooting.

Roll on the first day of our shoot!

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