Friday 13th – Champagne Day

Regular readers will recall my friend San Fran Sean who, rather than be miserable on Friday 13th, celebrates by hosting a party and only drinking Bollinger Champagne.

He’s sent me an invite, which I am happy to share….. If you are passing I’m sure he’d be delighted to share a glass…

In 2002 I celebrated both Friday 13th in Hong Kong.

June 2003 was celebrated in San Francisco.

The two in 2004 were in Vancouver B.C. and Miami

May 2005 was in San Francisco and January 2006 was also in San Francisco, where we set a new record of 63 bottles of Bollinger.

October 2006 is in Hawaii

Some people consider this to be an unlucky day. I do not! In fact, I have been celebrating Friday 13th for 29 years (May 1977) by sharing Champagne with friends.


October 2006 I will be hosting a party in Honolulu with friends and celebrating with copious amounts of Champagne.


Vino Wine Bar, Honolulu, Hawaii

8.00pm…. You know the date!

Why not celebrate Friday the 13th yourself?   We’ll be raising a glass or two of Charles Heidseick this evening.

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