Nanny and Ageism

The nanny state continues to be unable to resist interfering in all that they should not.   But their actions are of little consequence if common sense prevails and people get on with their lives.   Unfortunately there are plenty of muppets for whom the new rules are an opportunity to make a fuss over nothing.

The issue that has me wound up today is the insurance firm that has stopped the circulating of birthday cards for staff to sign, amid concern that light hearted “ageist” comments could unwittingly breach the new age discrimination laws.of ‘ageist’ comments.

The Employment Equality (Age) regulations 2006 came into force on Oct 1, prohibiting direct or indirect harassment or victimisation on the grounds of age.    If there are people who think that a birthday card could in any way constitue ‘harassment’ they are in need of help.

A member of staff said: “I think it’s stupid really. People like to joke about other people getting older, and it’s only a bit of fun.”   Precisely.

An employment law specialist said: “Gags in birthday cards about people being ‘over the hill’ will need to be curbed.”  Oh, get stuffed.

Are all the greetings card manufacturers are going to have to run the text past their legal departments to ensure compliance?   Are we going to have to buy cards with ‘Warning: explicity material’ labels on them?

This is pathetic.   Use common sense and good judgement:  legislation for such things is for the mindless.

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