Chicken and Dog Run

On the one hand the weekend was a great succes and, with the completion of the chicken run, we can look forward to a significant increase in the egg department.

On the other hand it was not, as our beloved Honey has absconded.   Always one eager to chase a rabbit, we fear she nipped out of the gate pursuing something of interest and has become lost and disoriented, in a new environment.   The heavy rain after lunch will have made it impossible for her to follow her scent home.

We’ve called all the local farmers, alerted the police and our neighbours and the kids have made ‘Lost’ posters for display in the village shop.   She’s ‘chipped’ so hopefully will be found and returned to us.   Being a Hong Kong hill dog, we know she is quite resourceful and intelligent… as long as that does not extend to chasing local sheep….

On another note we had a visit from Mr and Mrs Panther, drank too much wine (and Armagnac in my case) and popped over to Urchfont on Sunday to smack a few clays.   For the record the results (out of the ususal 50) were:

Panther:   30    Tricky:   16    The Fisherman:   10

So, sitting there with a cup of tea looking a little smug it gave us some pleasure to hear that Top Gun of the morning was a pigeion shooter with a score of 47.

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