Weekend Work

Good weekends are made all the more enjoyable when the doom and gloom of the weather forecast turns out to be erroneous.

After a glorious week in Bournemouth (no bucket and spade:  blackberry and pc instead) I was fired up for a relaxing, if busy time.

Saturday morning was spent down at the Shoot putting in some rabbit proof fencing.  The bunnies are getting fat on Farmer Andrew’s wheat and we don’t want them tucking into our maize cover next month.   The fence should help keep them off, or at least easier to shoot when the try and get round it.

The afternoon was dedicated to gardening.  And what better than to be riding around on the mower in the sunshine?   Satisfying indeed.

The Fisherman and his wife with new tadpole were over for dinner, so several bottles of decent wine were polished off, before we turned in and, after all that fresh air and excercise, slept the sleep of the righteous.

Still only half time and Sunday was also busy.   Mr FM brought his nippers over so they while they set about trashing the garden and seeing how high they could go on the trampoline, we had a little automotive therapy.   Well, truth is I polished two of the fleet while the good Mr FM sat with a cup of coffee and a Marlborough light.   To his credit he refrained from offering any advice.

Imagine my surprise though, when he hinted that Disco Dave (his, not mine) needed a bit of a hose down.  We set to with the pressure washer, detergent and some serious ally wheel cleaner.   Never realised it was such a nice colour.

One roast beef BBQ and a bottle of Rioja later and it was almost time for Top Gear.    Which I forgot to watch….. before heading back to the smoke.

For a rest.

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