Crime pays: For II’s in HK

A lovely story in the SCMP recently concerned a Vietnamese man who illegally entered Hong Kong carrying ammunition – and who threatened to commit robberies if he failed to find a job. He was jailed for 31 months. Duh!

Hell of a way to get a ‘permit to remain’…. but effective.

Free food and accomodation. Not bad.

The 36-year-old was sentenced in the District Court to 15 months’ jail for illegally remaining in Hong Kong, and an additional 16 months’ jail for possessing ammunition without a licence.

He was arrested at Man Kam To control point in September after he was discovered hiding in a lorry. He failed to provide proof of identity; some ammunition was also found on him.

The man had told police he would commit robberies if he could not find a job in the territory. He also said being sent to jail would help him kick his drug habit.

Free drug rehabilitation. Pretty good.

In recent years, some Vietnamese men have entered Hong Kong illegally with ammunition in order to be deliberately sent to jail. Some have said that this was so they could earn money while in prison.

And and Income! Result: crime pays.

And a criminal illegal immigrant does even better.

What a funny world we live in.

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