Le French Excursion est demain!

Tomorrow we’re off. Off to La France for our hedonistic and indulgent long weekend away. Except I can’t enthuse too much as Shivs is not coming with us due to offspring obligations. While we while away a weekend on the continent, she has to look after the kids and believe it or not Ash is going to Padstow on Monday – our destination for previous road trips.

The plan is to set off from the Farmhouse at noon-ish tomorrow and drive the 170 odd miles to Folkestone where we meet the others at 8.30 in the morning in time for the 9.00 train.

After that: I have no clue as Clerk of the Course Big Mike is keeping stumm, only giving us our directions once we are on the train. The night halts hotels and restaurants are planned and booked courtesy of New York Nick and we end up in Reims on the second day. We will be filling our boots. In both senses.

I promise a write up next week – in the meantime wish us fine weather, reliable motor cars, healthy appetites and last but not least, a keen thirst!

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