Education: to hell in a handcart

The newspapers in the UK are full of accusations that the exam system has become a farce as the questions are now so easy that even your average Member of Parliament could probably get a couple of half decent A levels.

The news then, of a proposed policy on swearing in schools, is probably all you needed to prompt you to sell a kidney and get the nippers into a decent private establishment.

Alan Large, head of Weavers School, in Northamptonshire, has defended his policy of allowing pupils to swear five times per lesson saying the move is only aimed at those students who swear in everyday conversations. Oh that’s OK then.
He insists it is not a licence for teenagers at the Wellingborough secondary to tell their teachers to “f-off”.

A tally of how many times the f-word is used in a lesson will be kept on the board. At the end of class, the teacher will talk to the youngsters about their use of the word.

Mr Large has come under fire since his unique scheme was made public.

Under fire? Really? Queue a dramatic increase in the use of profanity in the playground to gain an entitlement to impress the rest of your class with your knowledge of the English four letter vocabulary.


Score One to me then.

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