Rain and Brain Damage

Just when we thought we had enough on our plate with moving and all, the heavy rain in Hong Kong over the last few weeks has now destroyed the power supply to Clover Lodge. Yesterday morning all the residents awoke to a mixture of working and non working lights and air con’s and it turns out that our supply had partly failed and we were running on single phase power – rather than the usual three phase power. That’s as technical as I’m going to get – don’t worry.

Anyway, it means the mains feed into our development is stuffed and our homes now look like film studios as there are cables running all over the place to provide power – which is still not threee phase as I found out when I took a nice cold shower this morning… which I really didn’t need after a night out in Sai Kung at Steamers and then Cru for dinner with Colin and Brenda and Tom.

This mornings hangover constitutes the brain damage in the title of this post as I type with coffee and paracetamol. Thanks for a great night out guys!

Anyway, back to the power – or lack of it. I have to say the actions of China Light and Power were spectacular. I returned home from work yesterday to find no less than 10 CLP vans and a swarm of engineers all over the place as well as another group digging a hole down the road, which promptly filled up with rainwater.

Hong Kong is a strange place, we do moan and groan about things from time to time, but the reaction of CLP was both prompt and efficient and you are left with a feeling of confidence that they are on top of things. Which is more than I can say about the awning man who was supposed to arrive to change the awning on Tuesday: we’ve yet to see him, which is a shame because the awning they installed to keep the rain off was somewhat sub optimal viz a viz it’s performance as all it managed to do was act as a sieve and turn heavy rain into a fine shower.

We will see what happens today and whether or not we get full power back and/or an awning. My moneys’ on CLP. Failing that I can always stand outside under the awning and get a hot shower.

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