Now I’ve wanted to set up a website for ages and, whilst I may be a regular internet and computer user I’m still basically a technophobe. It is in fact a miracle that I managed to set this up – the instructions include some wonderful guidance such as: ‘to use your domain server with your blog change your nameserver to..’. Fascinating. Still, encouraged by VJ, I set to and if you can read this then I have succeeded.

So, welcome to the Blog. The plan is to use it as a way to stay in touch with friends and family as we flit about the world over the next few months. We’re now committed to leaving Hong Kong in the middle of July and have rented a house in Wiltshire (lovely place, but why oh why did Tom Sharpe have pick that surname for Henry?). This little electronic notice board should be just the ticket for keeping in contact and letting folks know what we are up to….. Feel free to post a comment anytime…. Cheers.

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