A Quiet Little Drink and The Shopping List

Quiet Little Drinks – QLD’s to some – are always the most dangerous. Last evening, full of good intentions, I headed to Chuzzlewits for a glass of wine with a couple of colleagues, ideally to tee me up to face going into Safeway’s before heading home for a nice nicoise and a bit of telly.

Naturally the evening did not go according to plan and one bottle Dancing Sun, Sauvignon Blanc turned into two, three four and inevitably, five. We had one of those evenings of rambling conversation and the quantity of Dancing Sun has diluted some of the memory this morning, but I did promise myself I would post the bit about the shopping list.

Not my shopping list you understand, really not very exciting: milk, orange juice, washing powder, light bulb, salad, tuna and some new potatoes, but Henry’s. Henry had the best shopping list I have ever seen and, whilst I am not really an expert on these things I do think it is worth sharing. Henry’s list was: 6. Yup. 6. It did in fact have a line underneath in order to differentiate it from 9. There was no actual food on the list, just a number and for those of you not resident in the UK I can confirm that there is no food on sale called 6.

So. What on earth does it mean. Easy peasy said Henry, 6 refers to only things he drinks: milk, orange juice, vodka, diet coke, water and club soda.

On that note I had a horrible feeling we ordered our 6th bottle of Dancing Sun.

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