TV Licensing and 1984

I do need to get this off my chest and have a bit of a rant.

Now I’m becoming more familiar with the nanny state the UK has become in the years I’ve been away, but the letter I recieved from the TV Licensing people takes this to another and frankly Orwellian level.

The letter, from Miles Caines, Regional Manager, London East Enforcement Division is written in such a threatening tone that I am bound to reply. Probably best that I calm down first though.

What I recieved is an OFFICIAL WARNING as the occupier of my flat that as there is no record of my having a TV licence that I MAY be watching or recording television programmes without a valid licence. This is apparently against the law here and enforcement officers have been authorised to visit and interview me UNDER CAUTION in compliance with the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984. The irony of this date may be lost on Mr. Caines. It isn’t on me.

Now if I don’t stump up the money and buy a licence I could be prosecuted, convicted and fined $1,900.

Frankly I’m looking forward to the officers visit so I can show them my telly and dvd player. They can then help me find the TV arial – because I don’t have one and without it I can’t get anything but snow on the little moving picture box. Then they can take the letter from Mr. Caines and stick it up their bottoms.

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