One Month and counting

One month and counting. I can hardly believe it. Had to fill in my US Visa waiver form on the plane and declare where I live. Had to say Hong Kong. Probably for the last time. Had to. Heavy sigh.

Worked from home this morning, as I’m off to Chicago for 3 days this week, so was able to get up at the crack of sparrows and go for a bit of an explore. I walked up to the Ridgeway from the Farmhouse and onto the Lambourne Downs. What beautiful scenery, clean air, abundance of wildlife (rabbit, partridge, hare etc.) nice trails and in nearly 2 hours I didn’t see a soul. Satisfied sigh and slightly smug grin.

So there you have it. Mixed emotions. Sad to leave a place I’ve been proud to call home for nearly 20 years and yet exhilarated with the prospect of new opportunities in England.

The farewell party is this weekend – true to form I’m flying from Chicago to HK arriving at 5.30 am. I’m taking next week off to help Shivs with the mountain of things that still have to be done. I am promising myself I’ll swim with the girls every day and enjoy our wonderful garden a bit more before we go.

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