The Leaving Party

Today, as I write this post with a slightly fuzzy head, I realise how fortunate we were yesterday. It had been raining all day – and in fact all of last week too – and cleared late afernoon, holding off almost entirely until about 4.30 am.

We had a great party. It was wonderful to see so many of our friends, heartening to see none of them had lost their thirst and comforting to know many of you still like the same eclectic selection of music I do.

Collectively we got through at least 80 bottles of wine, 150 cans of beer, a bottle of Pimms and Gordon put most of a bottle of Johnnie Walker away. A fair effort for 80 people I’d say.

We broke about 6 glasses, two bottles, swam at midnight and then again at around 2 am. Jasapa’s did the food as usual and as usual it was fabulous. We cranked up the tunes from about 2.30 am and bopped like teenagers.

And, when everyone had gone and it was just Natty, Bennet and me clearing up, that’s when the heavens opened. So, we were fortunate that the rain held off and very fortunate to have such a great bunch of friends who love to party hard and who we will miss very much.

Cheers to you all.

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