Shipping Cars

Friday was something of a watershed for me. This is when it hit me that we are really moving. Why? Because I took my 911 to Kwai Chung and handed it over to the shippers. It is now officially on it’s way to the UK. But it will take 8 weeks.

The bit I don’t like is the worry about whether or not it will arrive in one piece. Will it be damaged? Will all the paintwork and TLC lavished on it in HK have been in vain? I don’t trust anyone – I have nightmares about the guys at the docks hooning around in it. My worry was compounded by the doom and gloom mechanic friend who warned me about shipping…” oh we had the dasboard ripped out of one car.. and the radio and seats etc. etc..

So I took precautions – in the form of a summary of photographs – which I have sent to the insurance co., the shippers and I’ll post one here for good measure. Doomy mechanic also provided an account of the cars condition and mileage… so I should be sleeping easy right?

Not until I see the car in the UK, with a new UK plate and I can do a bit of hooning about myself.

8 weeks is a long time.

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