A busy weekend…

Even in the context of our pretty crazy schedule this weekend was busy. But productive. Shivs and girls have been in the UK for a week looking at schools and staying with Noodle. I arrived Saturday morning – late due to an enormous storm in HK that delayed all the flights – and was further delayed in baggage claim and again in the Avis office due to the Bank Holiday weekend. They are always busy over the holidays. Shame they don’t resource appropriately. Not surprised.

Hired a Renault Megane – not bad, pretty car but nothing like as good a drive as the Focus I had last month which, despite the ordinary looks of the revised model, still drives a dream.

Headed off to Wiltshire, shopped for a lawnmower – and wow has technology moved on since we had a 14” Suffolk Punch when I was a kid. That one was evil: you could adjust the speed and it would run away with you or over you if you weren’t careful.. the new ones have these namby pamby safety devices which mean if you let it go it stops. And you can’t adjust the speed. And it revs lower so it is a little quieter. I smell Euro influence here. Not happy. At least the french said “Non!”. I may have used different words, but the message would have been broadly similar.

Post mower purchase we headed to Devon and a decent dinner with the Autumn Haze menagerie and 9 hours kip after a decent scotch. Next day was furniture shopping day – not generally my forte it has to be said – but all went well with suites and carpets sourced. I celebrated by fitting a recharged battery to the Midget and taking her out with Brixton Boy for a pootle in the countryside. Wonderful – we found some super Devon lanes with grass in the middle of the road – the car ran faultlessly with the only blackspot being a closed Keepers Cottage so we were denied a beer en route.

Somehow we also found time to check out Willow House, which is now vacant and ready for our tenant on Wednesday which, coincidentally, is the day we move into the farmhouse…

Monday was equally busy, with another trip in the MG – couldn’t resist – and then a journey back to Wiltshire, via the shopping hell of Street factory outlet centre. Tip: never go there on a Bank Holiday Monday. Better tip: never go there. OK, having said that I did get a couple of things.. but HK$2,000 for a light waterproof jacket – supposedly discounted – was laughable. No sale.

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