Pool prep part 2

Progress.   Deep Blue pools arrived early on Saturday morning and worked their chemical magic on the pool.    The pH was spot on, chlorine high and algae quite bad.   Treatment was ‘shocking, floccing and vaccing’.

First, a heavy dose of hydrochloric acid (no kidding) to kill the bugs followed by floccing with Aluminium sulphate which combines with the dead algae and drags them to the bottom where they can, after settling out, be vaccuumed away to waste.

The results were pretty dramatic as by Sunday eve I could vac the pool and remove all the dead leaves from the bottom of the deep end as well as most of the sediment.

By now it should have improved further and be ready for the weekend…. here’s hoping for more of that glorious weather.

Finally, we’ve ordered a new solar cover – the old one was completely stuffed – which should be delivered in a couple of weeks.   Can’t wait for the first dip.

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