London 1 Paris 0

Well, who would’ve thought it? London wins the 2012 Olympics. This has of course been hot news in London for a while now and a couple of things strike me. First, I haven’t met anyone who actually wants them here and second I haven’t met anyone who thought London would win.

So I’m not sure who all the folks are in Trafalgar Square who are celebrating tonight. Perhaps they think they are in Edinburgh at the G8 summit.

Anyway, I honestly thought Madrid would sneak in as an outsider and claim victory, but for some reason we pipped them all. A colleague of mine put Paris’ loss down to the presence in Singapore of Le President Churlish. For the IOC, the very thought of having to deal with such an awful man for the next 10 years finally made up the minds of any floating voters.

So, what will happen here. Here’s my predictions:

1. Major Ken will increase every charge he can to fund building the facilities he wants. He won’t build anything London actually needs.
2. The contracts to build all said facilities will be won by the French.
3. Once completed the facilities will be as useful as the Millenium Dome and that wobbling Bridge thing.
4. Nobody here will make any money as the profits from licenced goods will either be made overseas or the T shirst will be counterfeited in China.
5. Tickets to anything but the underwater tiddlywinks will cost more than your car. If you can get any.
6. We won’t win many medals.

Just wait, see if I’m right.

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