The Last Weekend

Well, this is it. July 12th is our last day in Hong Kong. We have a final weekend of packing – or at least watching the packers pack – and we play this sort of game which according to Shivs goes something like this.

We put a bag down with clothes we will need. They pack it. We ask for it to be unpacked and then move it somewhere else thinking they won’t pack it again. Five minutes later we look for the bag. It’s packed. They search, unpack it, we move it, they find it, pack it etc. etc. etc.

By now our house has been packed and unpacked about 3 times.

No wonder it takes 3 days…..

Well, after 3 days we’re all boxed. 416 boxes to be precise. One 40ft container, plus 1,130lbs of air freight. And to think I came out here with a suitcase. Hope I’m at work the week it all arrives!

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