Good news week

Just been reviewing the blog and conscious that there is much bleating – although much to bleat about in the UK – so decided a bit of good news was timely.

My new wine racks were delivered to the farm yesterday – only about 3 days after ordering them. So, someone understands about service then. Looking forward to filling them up and even more to emptying them. Bowes Wine kindly arranged things for me – pic attached.

Le French Excursion is set for the weekend of Saturday 17th and 18th of September leaving from Dover. Our plan is to drive from Calais along the Belgian border to Reims and indulge in some of the finest products of the Champagne region. Clerk of the Course Big Mike is recceing the route this weekend and promises great roads, beautiful scenery and fine weather. OK, I lied a bit about the weather. Cars are already being prepped and with luck we will have at least 2 of our fleet traveling.. question is which ones?

Automotive purchases continue with the acquisition of a tidy Citroen AX Echo Plus for Bennet to trundle about in. Only dampener being the cost of insurance representing nearly 70% of the purchase price of the car …

Our pheasant pen is nearing completion, but a list from Shoot Captain Mike reminded us that there is still much to do, so a busy weekend beckons… let’s just hope this miserable weather improves…

I’ll finish now, before I start to bleat about the climate in the UK….

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