Lifes little annoyances

Browsing through the New York Times yesterday I came across a feature on a website called Lifes Little Annoyances.   This is a neat idea… based on the principle of not getting mad but getting even.

I thought about it as I walked down the fire escape at 04.24 this morning onto Park Avenue, where I enjoyed a few minutes of fun chatting to the other 350 guests who had been woken up by a false fire alarm, which was nice.   Thought about it again as I walked down the stairs at 06.55 because the lifts were out.

I think I need to research this website and see if there are any suitable ‘remedies’…..

In the meantime, here is a fun way to deal with telemarketers:

When one calls, what ever they are selling, act sincerely interested (“Wow! is it ever nice you called, my wife and I were just talking about having our furnace ducts cleaned!…: etc)

Just then, interupt the caller and say, “Just a second, I have a pot boiling over…” (or some other “urgent” excuse) and leave the phone for 5 minutes or so..

Come back on line and appologise profusely (sincerely) for making them wait, ask a few questions to reinforce the idea that you are interested. and then have another urgent excuse to leave the phone…

“Whups! my three yr old is playing at the top of the stairs!!” or some such, again leave the phone for 3-5 minutes…

Keep doing this… it wastes the telemarketer’s time, and costs them sales and call speed (both of which are tracked by their bosses).

I managed to waste one carpet cleaner telemarketer’s time for more than 1 1/2 hours. This is a personal record, and I challenge you to beat it.

On a side note, one person at work, who used to be a telemarketer told me that they “rate’ their phone numbers ranging from “Sucker, will buy anything”, to “Troublesome Time wasters”, and doing this to one of them would get your number and info placed on the latter, tout de suite. The various telemarketing companies trade(sell) this information to each other, and so “playing the waiting game” will help to get you placed on THEIR “do not call” list

Enjoy.   And wish me better luck tonight.

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