Bin Bugs

Imagine my surprise, reading the newspaper this weekend, to find we are one of the 500,000 homes whose wheelie bins have been ‘bugged’.

Well not any longer.   I prised the thing out with a screwdriver and have sent it back to the council.

This does raise an interesting question:   Why have the council decided to bug all our bins?   Is it in order to start to charge us by weight?   Or to check what we throw away?   And will they stop at looking at our rubbish for recyclabes, or will they be reviewing things more ‘forensically’?

They say it is partly to be able to identify to whom a bin belongs (funny, but in the old days a label or roughly painted on house number seemed to work…) and also to ensure they have collected from each house (in the event a householder complains of non collection they would be able to check.

In fact they have made quite a reasonable job of explaining their actions.   But I don’t believe a word of it and the reason I don’t believe it is quite simple….

When the new wheelie bin was delivered a couple of months ago, it came with a detailed explanation if the councils’ new policy on recycling and how we could do our best to support it – for all the right reasons.

Full information was provided on what was acceptable, what was not and, how to dispose of other items – at designated recycling centres in Wiltshire.  Clear guidelines on frequency of collection, recycling bins (free) and tips on rinsing out all bottles prior to disposal (what water shortage?) were uncluded.   In all an eight page full colour booklet ansered all our questions, introduced us to the new rules and sought to steer us in the right direction, openly and honestly.

Except they weren’t honest.   The booklet would have been an ideal and appropriate medium in which to inform us about the bin bugs.   I read it from cover to cover last night and there is no mention of it anywhere.

Shame on you Kennet District council.  Your explanations will amount to nought as your complete lack of credibility and honesty are demonstrated so clearly by your actions.

Which is a real pity, because this ill publicised and ill considered secretive action will serve only to put back much needed recycling efforts, rather than advance them.

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