Smith and Wollenski’s

I’m in NY for a week’s business, so posts will likely be less frequent and heavily feature restaurant reviews as we will be ‘entertained’ most nights by our US colleagues.

Last night we went to Smith and Wollenski’s, the famous steakhouse in mid-town Manhattan.  These big ‘chain’ restaurants all follow a familiar theme.  Average to rude service, average to poor food, pretty good ambience and very average wine lists.

Last night was as expected, save for the wine, which was good.   A long list – entirely US of course – with a reasonable price spread and some with a (little) age.   We settled on a 1999 Lorca Petite Syrah from Napa.   What a surprise.   Huge fruit, good deep colour, high alcohol at 14.2%, very dry and still tannic, it had a few more years in it for sure.

It was so good we had to have a second bottle.   Well, it’s the best way I know of to deal with the jet lag.

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