More Bin Bugs

Well, my post on Bin Bugs rattled someone’s cage as I received a bit of a rebuke… I’ve edited out names….

It is a shame that you believe everything you read in the press, I am suprised that an educated individual such as yourself who has reached such lofty hights is so gullible. Do you really believe that bins can be bugged?. I can only assume that the trip to New York has left you with Jet Lag.   Anonymous

I was going to reply, but thought I post it instead:

Oooh harsh words!   The reference to Bin Bugs is merely the name they have popularly acquired.   Do I believe the more imaginitive tabloids assertions that they can determine the contents of your wheelie bin?   Of course not; they are simply electronic id tags – or bar codes as Electric Pete described them – to enable bin recognition.    My complaint overall was the way they were introduced and that, despite the very detailed booklet that accompanied them, no mention was made.   Given that the Council are now anxious to tell us how beneficial they are, it makes me wonder why we weren’t sold the idea up front – unless of course they do have other plans.   Time will tell.  I remain a tad cynical.

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