Buster 100

A wonderful story in the papers today about Britain’s oldest worker, Buster Martin, who is 100 today.  He is being given the day off and taken to the Chelsea ground to be presented a team shirt with ‘Buster 100’ on the back.

Mr Martin has some wonderfull views on life:

On not working:   “I’d become the most miserable sod you have come across” .

On ‘retiring’ at 97:   “I didn’t enjoy it, too much time on my hands”   ”Boredom is a big killer of men”

On telephones:   “I have never in my life owned a phone – they are a bloody nuisance, you can be sitting peacefully indoors and they start ringing. I hate them.”

On Foreign Holidays:   “You are only going to spend a lot of money to go over and do the same things you would do here”

Wonderful.   Happy 100th Buster.

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