The Longest Day

June 21st was the longest day.   My grandfathers’ birthday.  Prince Williams’ birthday.   The day that US troops took Okinawa.   And the day Big Mike got his new car.

Well, not exactly new…. as regular readers will know we don’t do new cars as we fear depreciation more than another labour government.  But it was new to him and rather special too.

We went out in it last evening for a bit of a drive, ending up at Fabrizio’s for a bit of nosh.  I even took a picture outside the restaurant with our chef, the car and it’s new owner.

I also promised to publish said picture on the blog.

And if I had not left the camera in the restaurant there would be a picture with this post.

So, dear reader, you will have to wait until tomorrow to find out more details.   It will be worth the wait.

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