The Head of God

Now the irony of this is not lost on me.   I did watch the last few minutes of full time and then the 30 minutes of extra time and then the penalties.   For all but the penalty shoot out, it was a boring game.

But the gossip around the coffee machine this morning has nothing to do with actually playing football, rather it is all to do with a really good head butt by French captain, Zinedine Zidane, playing has last game as captain.

It was always scheduled to be his last game; the utopian Gallic script was that he would lead his team to a glorious victory (they were, of course, in white) – and in fairness, pundits did feel they played the better game – but it was not to be.

Ten minutes before the end, in a ‘moment of madness’, or perhaps ‘hand of God’ (or should that be ‘head of God’), ZZ sent oponent Marco Materazzi flying flat on his back.   As head butts go, it was a cracker.  Cleanly taken, with good concentration, a swift and precise move right in the centre of the sternum, with a neat finish.

Queue one red card, an early bath and time for bed for Zebedee.

This further confirmed all my views about football.   This was a dreary game (according to folks that know, not just me, I was just bored) and, with no resolution after 30 minutes of extra time the final of the 2006 Football World Cup was decided by 5 penalty shots each.

Now this rule is fair to all: it’s applied evenly and it cost more than one team victory in this competition (no sour grapes here dear reader, we were crap at the footy, but we did win the shopping – not that that is any consolation whatsoever.. but don’t start me on the WAG’s).   It makes televising the games easy, but there cannot be a more unsatisfactory way to end a match, never mind a World Championship.

Of course it adds tension, creates drama and ensures no-one leaves the stadium before the end, but surely the fans, teams and players deserve a solution that involves one team beating another, in open play?

Maybe ZZ, confronted with a stalemate at 1:1 and the prospect of another penalty shoot out, was just bored too?

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