Hospitals #2

The lack of posts for the last week is entirely my Mums’ fault.    But I’m happy to take the blame this time.    Her op went very well and she is recovering well too – with an even chance she may be out at the weekend.

A very large collective sigh of relief from all of us down on the farm.   I’ve been up and down to Brum to visit as they only allow relatives in ICU and what an ICU.    Forget the stuff on the telly.   You have never seen so much kit / drips / monitors and attention.   One nurse per patient – at least for the first couple of days.

We can all moan about the state of the health service – and we will see what things are like on a regular ward this week – but at the sharp end when intensive care is needed, what I saw was deeply impressive.

I suspect it is the commitment of the people that work there who make the difference and to whom I am very grateful for the care they are giving my Mum.   None of them will read this – but that doesn’t stop me saying THANKS.

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