Dumb food

It seems that restaurateurs are prepared to inflict any daft gimmick on us in order to sell food.   And it would appear there is a ready supply of stupid people prepared to pay for the privilege.

Last time I whinged about this is was the ‘eating in the dark’ place.  Daft.

Now I hear of a place where you are treated like, dressed like and served like a baby.   Yes (and no, this is not a belated April 1st post), Babyland, recently opened in London.

A waiter carrying two baby bottles containing red and white wine

The restaurant aims to capitalise on the British appetite for both nursery food and molecular gastronomy, melding them together in what owner Joe-Joe Lascalle calls “an exciting explosion of purées”.
Apparently all the A list celebs have already been there (this is supposed to be some sort of recommendation?) although Sir Elton John is rumoured to have taken one look at the obligatory soft toy table setting of a Care Bear and Sadie from Bratz and walked out.
I’m with you there Reg.   What a load of tosh.

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