Smudger at the Savoy

The celebration of Landmark birthdays reached a peak last Saturday in the Savoy Hotel in London.   Smudger was turning 40 and invited 28 friends from around the world to join him and wife Scary for dinner.    While the guests came from Hong Kong, Singapore, USA and the UK the wine was mainly from France.   Which is certainly better than having French guests and English wine.

As Smudger is a wino connosieur we knew we were in for a treat and it was telling that on opening the menu, I did not look at the right hand side with the food, but the left, with the wine.   Here’s what we enjoyed:

Verve Cliquot La Grande Dame 1990

Domaine Ramonet – Batard Montrachet Grand Cru 1988

Chateau Guiraud 1 Cru Sauternes

Chateau Palmer 1983, 1975, 1966

Taylors Port 1966

Massandra Tokay 1948

All splendid – especially the Palmer ’66 and the Tokay ’48.   The latter still full of life and concentrated sweetness.    I still marvel that we could enjoy a drink made nearly 60 years ago, well before most of the guests were born.

Many thanks Smudger.   Here’s to your 50th!

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