Road Pricing – Petition reminder

Noodle sent me a round robin e-mail about this and I thought it timely to remind any readers who have not yet signed up in protest at our control freak governments latest attempt to govern and extort taxes from us.

The petition calls for the Gov’t to abandon it’s plans for road pricing – I’ve already posted my views on this – so I’ll quote from the Petition website and it’s author:

The idea of tracking every vehicle at all times is sinister and wrong. Road pricing is already here with the high level of taxation on fuel. The more you travel – the more tax you pay.

It will be an unfair tax on those who live apart from families and poorer people who will not be able to afford the high monthly costs.

Please Mr Blair – forget about road pricing and concentrate on improving our roads to reduce congestion.

As I write there are over 877,000 names on the petition.  Every one a voter.   Democracy at work folks.   Click here to sign up

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