The whale and the watering can

It could only happen in Britain in 2006.    The story of a bottlenose whale heading up the Thames gripped the nation last week as rescuers attempted to return it to the sea.   Thousands turned out to watch and it became the lead story on the news.   (Obviously not much going on in the Big Brother house then)   Sadly, despite strenuous efforts from the British Divers Marine Life Rescue Association (BDMLRA) and a raft of volunteers, the whale died just before it was to be released back to sea.

The red watering can used in the rescue

Now the story takes a more commercial and sinister twist.   The support vehicle used by these gallant rescuers was given a parking ticket by some zealous anti-parking wasp.   Several tickets in fact.   So, in order to raise the money to pay said tickets they decided to sell the red watering can (above) on eBay.
Bids are currently up to about $11,000 and there’s still 8 days to go.   Better hurry, wouldn’t want to miss out on that bargain now would you?
What of the parking tickets?   Westiminster council have decided to waive them. And of the whales bones?   Donated to the Natural History Museum.    And the meat?  Whale burger anyone?

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