On holidays

Sitting in the Study at our friends home here in Geneva, looking out over Lac Leman (or Lake Geneva to the rest of us) I am reminded of the saying that ‘a change is as good as a rest’.

Sure I spent yesterday on the couch with a wobbly tummy, followed by 12 hours honest shut eye – and perhaps that is part of the key to my bonhomie today.   I’ve even done a load of mail on the Crackberry, but I’m relaxed and looking forward to heading out towards Les Gets, Mageve or Chamonix to recce the skiing for this afternoon or tomorrow.

The early morning heavy cloud has cleared somewhat and there are patches of blue up there bathing the far banks of the lake in sunlight.   Up on the slopes the webcam still shows snow, but we all know that snowing now, means powder later.   Which reminds me of another quote, this time from Warren Miller the famous skiing photographer..

“I did two great turns today, one before lunch … and one after lunch”

If you are a skiier, you’ll know what he meant.   I’ll let you all know how we get on.

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