The Hunting Ban – NuLabour admits failure

In a remarkable story in the Torygraph today Kate Hoey, Labour MP for Vauxhall and Chairman of the Countryside Alliance, admitted that the ban on Hunting was not working.    She said that more people are going hunting and more foxes are being killed than ever before, as the imposition of the ban has appealed to the ‘British rebellious streak’.   She adds that ‘people are getting fed up being told how to run their lives’.

In her view, government could not have devised a more ridiculous law is as it contains so many inconsistencies and it should be repealed.   This is not just because the people who hunt want it repealed, but because the police say it is not working.

A cabinet minister admitted the ban had been a ‘complete waste of time’ and that it was ‘the labour party talking to itself rather than listening to the voters’.

All of which is music to our ears…and it doesn’t just extend to hunting!

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