A good days skiing…

On the basis that a bad days skiing is always better than a good days working, our experience on Saturday was a bit of a result.

Staying in Geneva – just an hour from Les Gets in the French Alps – we checked the webcam first thing.   This was not promising as after heavy snowfall on Friday looked as if it was still ongoing….

Nevertheless, Ash and I were determined to put a few turns in so off we went.   Forewarned that there can be queues to get into the village on Saturday, which is changeover day, we were prepared for a longer journey.   So, two hours after leaving we pulled up to the ‘complet’ sign at the car park.   Brimming with confidence we waited 5 minutes before the barrier went up and in we went.

Ski’s on and passes purchased we were in the TeleCabine in 10 minutes and on the piste 10 minutes later.   And what fabulous snow.   The rainfall earlier in the week had been followed by several feet of fluffy ego snow – even a muppet can ski like a god.

And we did.    Ash skiied really well, easily keeping up with me and not complaining once about tiredness.   We stopped twice, for lunch and  hot chocolate and only stopped when the light began to fail at the end of the day as the evenings heavy snow clouds began to roll in.

So, my first experiences of skiing in Europe were an unqualified success – no lift queues, no pushing and shoving, cheap ski passes, great snow, good lifts and great pistes.

Can’t wait until we go to Whistler at Easter…..

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