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I am prompted to write this post having read Mr FM’s column this morning.   He asserts that the best TV cop show of all time is The Sweeney.

I could not agree more.   I purchased the DVD collection as my own Xmas present last year (it’s a practice that winds up Shivs as I usually buy something she has already wrapped …. )

Anyway, it’s a cracker of a set, there’s a few good extras with co-stars of the original series and an early John Thaw sit-com as well as interviews with the creator a Mr TK Martin.   Great memories.

The Sweeney was written by Troy Kenneny Martin who penned the movies The Italian Job, Kelly’s Heroes and Bravo Two Zero and was also responsible for Z-Cars and one of the best thrillers of all time, Edge of Darkness.   If you haven’t seen this, it’s another must as it really set the standard from the mid ’80’s for quality drama.   Featuring Bob Peck, Joanne Whalley, Jack Watson and Joe Don Baker.  “The mysterious death of Bob Peck’s activist daughter, leads her straight-laced father, an Inspector of the local police force, through a haunting revelation of the murkiness of the British Nuclear Policy of the eighties.”   Well written, well played edge of the seat stuff.

John Simm as Sam Tyler and Philip Glenister as Gene

Which brings us up to date with a current and unlikely hit cop show, Life of Mars.   Inspector Sam Tyler has a car accident in 2005 and wakes up in 1973.   He wants to go home, but can’t figure out how.   Cue the odd Sweeney style car chase, lot’s of gratuitous punch up’s and a boss with an attitude straight from Jack Regan.  Philip Glenister plays DI Gene Hunt to perfection.   The last episode is next Monday at 9.00.  Don’t miss it.

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