Gaffe Quote

At the risk of this blog becoming simply a facsimile of Quote / Unquote, I could not resist this one from Johnny ‘Two Jag’s’.   Opening his mouth once again to merely change feet our Deputy Prime Minister said:

The Green Belt is a Labour acheivement and we mean to build on it


This of course begs the question of how.   With the threatened Planning Gain supplement no developer is going to be running to build more houses than they need to keep their teams busy, this side of a General Election, hoping for a repeal of the bill next term.    Landowners will be disincentivised to put land up for sale as the rewards are reduced.

And the pundits say we need 30,000 homes per year to meet demand and to control house price rises.

I can see NuLabour has really thought this one through.   Again.

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