Nu Labour and Hypocrisy

Obviously dear reader, I cannot resist a barb at Ruth Kelly for her total hypocrisy in the decision to remove her child from state education, justifying it because he is a special needs child.

I am staggered…. actually I’m not.. let’s be honest – do you expect any less from these muppets?    She justifies this on the grounds that he is dyslexic which of course makes it OK.

No it doesn’t   Dyslexic or not all kids need the best education we can give them and whether that is through a state system, or through private schooling – the choice of many a good taxpayer – it should be parental choice.

NuLabour simply has to deal with this and recognise that a good state school system can happily co-exist with a private one and that a ‘one size fits all’ approach is good for none.   And that to force those who cannot pay to put up with what NuLabours former Minister for Education clearly regards as sub standard is utter hipocrisy and, ultimately, arrogance.

And as the Torygraph points out:

Harriet Harman sent her son to a selective school

Principled Left-winger Diane Abbott sent her child to a private school.

Current Education Secretary, Alan Johnson, has helped a constituent place her child in a private school because he was “a very bright boy who wants to do science” and the state sector could offer him nothing.

The Prime Minister stretched the system to breaking point to ensure his children went to schools that select by interview.   And who is going to turn them away?

As Sir Digby Jones (former Director General of the CBI) said last year, ”I’ve learned not to listen to what politicians say, but to watch what they do”.


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