Road Pricing – sign the petition

There is an increasing amount of talk about the governments intentions to implement road pricing across the UK.

Regular readers will know my view is that we already have a very effective means of road pricing via excise duty on fuel, which effectively taxes how many miles you drive as well as the efficiency of your vehicle.

However, it does not tax where you drive – and this is one of the key points.   Our government wants to control this as well as make a sizeable amount of money out of us.

In principle, I see no issue with the idea that people should pay for what they use.   But I have three caveats to the imposition of road pricing:

One, that excise duty on fuel and ‘road fund licences’ be scrapped.   Completely.

Two, that the information from the ‘black box’ used to track where you are and what road you are driving on is not used for any other purpose… for example to assess what speed you are driving.

Three:  that the money collected from road pricing be directly re-invested in good transport infrastructure and not frittered away by the government on some lefty hare brained nonsense.

So, on the basis that I have 100% zero confidence in Toni or Tax and Waste Brown to honour any of my caveats, my vote is to sign the petition firmly against road pricing.

Here’s the link.

Remember, all car drivers are voters.  You know it makes sense.

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