Asbo: the youngest?

Amongst the many gripes I have with the current administration is their reliance on more rules than you could shake a stick at in order to control the citizens of this country.

Said stick would be better wielded on the backside of the little s**t who has just been awarded an ASBO at the tender age of 10, who terrorised his neighbourhood while stealing from his family to buy cannabis and drink.

Despite his age, this little bundle of joy already has criminal convictions for burglary, possessing a knife and causing criminal damage.   He is banned from possessing a “bong” – a water pipe – and other items associated with drugs, having alcohol or being drunk, throwing stones or eggs and possessing a knife or screwdriver in public.

His misdemeanours include threatening a child with a knife, theft, buying cannabis and being persistently abusive. He also damaged cars, threatened neighbours, smashed fences and assaulted his family and stole his mother’s mobile phone, his father’s Playstation and his grandfather’s car stereo to feed his habits. He regularly stole cigarettes and drank alcohol.

His charming mother said outside court that she didn’t really want an Asbo for him as since he was put on an anger management drug three months ago he has not got into any trouble.

She is concerned that the Asbo could make things worse if he is now goaded by older children who, she says, have led him into trouble. She said it would also put pressure on her and husband.

She added: “I do feel guilty because I feel as though it is me to blame. I have tried to give him a good upbringing and my husband has pulled him off the streets to avoid trouble but nothing has worked.”

His grandmother, said: “He is not just running wild and he’s not doing drink and drugs any more and just enjoys the odd cigarette.”

I’m sure I am not alone in sympathising with the parents:  their guilt must be awful to bear .. as they themselves were given such good parental guidance by a grandmother who thinks it’s OK for her 10 year old grandson to smoke.

Message to Government:   I suggest you try and educate the parents and grandparents.   With these muppets for a family, the kid has no chance.