Wine Week

An interesting week at work, with overseas visitors and hence evening functions.   Our workaholic big boss does enjoy a decent dinner and bottle of wine after a full day.   Which is nice.

Dinners have included Chateau Talbot 1997, Cos D’Estournel 1988, a 2000 Soliaia and a 1998 Brunello Di Montalcino.

Thank heavens he does not visit too regularly – my liver could not handle it.

But I’d try.

The First Post – post move that is…

In the words of Basil Fawlty, ‘Normal service has been resumed as soon as possible’.

Well, not quite.   We don’t yet have full access to phones or broadband at the new house – once again, BT spectacularly failed to deliver on any pre-arranged services.   No wonder they are losing out to the competition.

But the move went well.   Sure, a lot of hard work, with Shivs and Paddy plus countless others working very hard, but we have unpacked a substantial amount of stuff and much of the house looks as though we’ve been there for months.

My workshop and cellar are almost finished – Big Mikes yet to be started on – stables and car barn coming together well.

What has dawned on us is how much more we need to do, both in the house and the garden.

At present we’re excited rather than daunted at the prospect.   More to come on this I expect!

2006 Watton Wander

I’ll endeavour to do a more comprehensive post on this later.. with results.. and may even strive for a little more factual accuracy than last year as, allegedly, some of the reporting was sub-standard.

In the meantime I’m pleased to confirm the event was a big success.   Fantastic routes, tests, navigation challenges and timing constraints meant we all had to be on our toes.    The scenery, particularly in the Elan Valley and Black Mountains is quite breathtaking.

All cars completed the tour without mishap or breakdown, food and beverage arrangements worked out well and, even the weather cooperated – for the most part.

So a big thanks to those who took part and to Big Mike for Clerking so expertly.

Roll on 2007 when we can do it all again – somewhere different.

The Last Post – from the farm

So, this is it.   Surrounded by cardboard hell we have spent the weekend in limbo.   With nearly everything packed it is quite difficult to know quite what to do.

So we went shopping, ate out, went to the Calley for a last pint with Panther.   And dodged the rain showers – praying it does not tip it down quite so hard today.

So here I sit, waiting for the phone to ring and tell me we can pick up the keys.   Waiting for the removal men to turn up and move this cardboard hell to the new house.

And given that we may be a tad busy, this will be the last post for a few days.

Wish us luck.