Stick or Carrot? Or Both?

This week has seen the announcment of plans to interfere with that which needs no interference.   Both are motoring related and extend beyond the concrete landscape of the urban wasteland, into the real world.

The first, by some bunny hugging save the planet eco weenies is a proposal to impose punitive taxes on the bigger polluting 4×4’s in order to discourage their use.   I know the tax was upped by his Wasteship earlier this year, but even Dr. Millipede confirmed on Radio 4 yesterday that it was not really going to make a difference.   We all knew that, but then, as this is all to do with tax raising rather than behaviour altering, it came as no surprise.

This latest wheeze suggests annual licence fees be increased to… wait for it… £1,800 per vehicle.   That is a 650% increase.   So, in reality, those who need a 4×4 for their work with either pay up – or there will be an expensive to operate and police exemption scheme, wasting even more money – and those who don’t need a 4×4 will pay because they can afford it.

Queue a complete failure to address global warming, but a nice little earner for No.11

Busy weekends are best

Busy busy this weekend.   Off to Countrywide with neighbour Panther first thing for a few clays.   A whole pallet board should see him and his clay club cronies through to Christmas.   Longer if I’m invited as the chance of re-use goes up…quite a bit.

Then a search for a tow bar for the Disco.   Easy peasy you might think, down our way.   Oh, so not so…  Caravan accessory shops – don’t sell them.   Mobile home accessory shops – not there either.   Countrywide?  Nope, not a hitch in sight.  So off to good old LandRover… wallet warmed, ready to be abused (although why I take such precautions is beyond me as they have yet to have anything I need actually in stock).

Needn’t have worried.   It was 10 past 1 and they’d knocked off for the day.   At least I was able to pick up a brochure and see exactly what I needed… a slider plate, pin and tow ball.   Armed with the jargon I thought a bit of googling during the week would sort me out.

Ash and I then headed over to the Wroughton Classic.   Billed as a car show plus, it is held annually at the home of the Science Museum collections, at Wroughton.   This weekend was the vintage and classic car show and I thought it would be nice to have a browse and snap a few piccies.

Unfortunately no one had organised the vintage and classic cars for Saturday… they were due only on Sunday… pretty basic oversight I’d say….    No matter, we had a tour of Hangar D4, which contains a variety of exhibits either too big, or not sufficiently important to display in London.

From Penny Farthings, to serious Suzuki’s, light aircraft and even a Lockheed Constellation, it was an impressive collection.   And a few cars too – notably a Citroen DS, Lotus Excel, Lagonda, Rolls Royce Silver Ghost and more – so we had an enjoyable couple of hours.

Next morning, kids and I headed off to the shoot for some final pre poult prep.  My doubting fellow guns did not believe the patented high tech in pen plumbing would work but, after a bit of help from Mr FM, water flowed.   Queue raspberry sound effect.

Smug and happy we set off to see the new house with yours truly unintentionally taking the scenic route and consequently being 30 minutes late.   Much time was spent measuring and photographing and mentally arranging furniture and, just before we were to leave, I mentioned my towbar dilemma to the vendor who is exceptionally well versed in all things LandRover.   Two minutes later I had slider plate, pins, towbar and hitch fitted, from his extensive on site supply.

So, many thanks,  a result all round and a good end to a good weekend.

Tony who?

In an interview for GQ magazine, Paris Hilton admitted she hadn’t heard of Tony Blair.

Lucky sod.

Anyway, after a bit of prompting she recalled he was our ‘President, or something’.

And do you know, I thought she was a bit of a muppet?  She was at least half right..

And she’s made $200 million over the last year.

Oh, where did we go wrong???!!!

911 no more….

Sad to report that the 911 has been sold.   Sob.  A sensible decision given our immininent move and wish to do a bit of cost control.   Made a little easier after I wrote the cheque for the gearbox repair and service.   I focussed on that as I signed the contract to sell.

Which included a commitment to buy.  Pictured below resplendant in Electric Blue paint, is a MINI Cooper S.   Not as quick as the Porsche, but still lots of fun.   The daft extra lights and go faster stripes are being removed and I should have the car on Thursday.

Will likely be unable to resist sharing with you how good it is to drive….