Porsche Problems

For the first time in 3 years the trusty 911 has let me down.   A leak of transmission fluid can now be traced to a faulty pump in the gearbox which needs replacing.  Queue engine out, split from gearbox, gearbox rebuild, rear geometry re-alignment, re-install engine and box.  And then a full service.

The joys of owning a Porker usually include immunity from depreciation and relatively low running costs (for a car with such potent performance).   But when they do go wrong….

Whilst the former remains true, the latter has rather taken the shine off the ownership proposition.   In an attempt to minimise the pain, I’ve had the car moved from a Porsche dealers workshop to a specialist… halving the cost – which would still make Bobby Charlton’s hair curl.

So the dilemma will be what to do afterwards?   Enjoy driving a newly invigorated and amazing car, which is still one of the best looking on the road?   Savour and marvel at the truly unique sound a screaming air cooled flat 6 makes at 6,500 rpm in second?

Or sell and buy something a little more modern – which may not hold it’s value as well, won’t go as fast or look as damn good.   But might not dent my wallet to the same extent … Cars eh?   Where would we be without them.

Pictured n it’s former life in Hong Kong….

Tractor Trouble

The trouble with equipment is that now and then it breaks down.

My Briggs and Stratton engined Hayter ride on tractor mower has been a godsend over the past year.   A smaller mower would be a nightmare – it still takes me 3 hours with this monster.

When it worked.

Saturday morning it decided to be uncooperative.   First, it would not start.  So we checked fuel.  No problem.  Tank full, valve open and on removing pipe from carburettor we had adequate flow.   So, we move on to spark.   Remove plug, check spark against block when engine turned over and no problem.  Bennet got a huge shock, so we know it is working.   Replace plug and engine starts.    Hooray.   Put lack of starting down to flooded carb.

Cut front lawn.   Looks nice.

Drive to back lawn.  Stop, empty cuttings.   Re-start.  Nothing.   Engine turns over, but it won’t go.   Change spark plug.   Change fuel filter.  Confirm we did not put in 2 stroke by mistake… No problem.   But it won’t go.  I think it’s the solenoid, so it’s off to Roses for a service and repair.

There’s always something isn’t there?