Snow and more snow…

Lots of snow on the mountain today.. about a foot of new stuff and it is still snowing!    I had to visit the ski boot shop for a tweak at half time as my boots are still not as comfy as they need to be… a problem I concede is likely exacerbated by poor skiing…

Anyway, we were up enfamille, hitting Dave Murray and Orange Peel to start which was a poor choice as they were thick with new snow.. not the best way of warming the legs.   Then on to Tokum for more of the same and then up to the Roundhouse for a run down to Chic Pea for hot choccies all round.

Whaddya mean we’d only done two runs?   Well true, but we were pooped.

Ash and I skiied off to the village and I went back up later to test the adjusted boots.   Not a total success, so more tweaking needed.

Anyway, at the end of a hard day we unwound in the tub as it continued to snow over the golf course.   No bears today then.

And as I type this it is still snowing….. another powder day beckons tomorrrow.. if only I can find my powder legs….

After the snowfall….

Right after my lecture to the kids on changeable mountain weather – about 30 minutes after the shot of Noodle in the tub on the earlier post – Brixton Boy took this shot from the terrace:

Hard to believe that in less than 4 weeks this will be a golfers paradise …..

STOP PRESS:   Saturday’s Forecast is blue skies and unlimited visiblity.


Let it snow!

Woke up this morning to a clear reminder that winter is not yet over.   As the Telus World Ski and Snowboard festival starts, there is 6 inches of fresh snow on the mountain and more to come.


New 24 Hours 48 Hours 7 Days Snowbase
14 cm 19 cm 26 cm 32 cm 292 cm
6 in 7 in 10 in 13 in 115 in
Total cumulative snowfall *Snow depths are measured at Pig Alley Weather
Station – 1650m (Mid-Mountain) on Whistler Mtn.

A powder day beckons!

The end of the welly?

News today that Hunters have gone into administration..  Who?   The manufacturers of the green wellington boot …. an icon of rural style for several decades and essential footwear of the ‘green wellie brigade’.

Named after the Duke of Wellington who asked his shoemaker – Hoby of St. James – to make a calf length boot to wear inside his trousers, the boots were reborn after the second world war to replace the old Argyll welly which had a critical design flaw in that it got stuck in the mud.. the new shaped ‘Hunter’ addressed that issue.


All is not lost though as the receivers have received interest in buying the company.

A change in the weather…..

Just when we thought winter was over and all the snow was going to melt, the weather takes a U-turn.   It continues to snow and it looks as though we will be getting another couple of feet over the weekend.   Just in time for us to fly home.   Darn.

From the Snow Report on the Whistler website today:


Temp at 09:15 Winds Visibility
Peak -8°C / 18°F Moderate at 17-23 km/h from the S Variable
Alpine -3°C / 27°F
Village 3°C / 37°F
Environment Canada Forecast
Periods Of Snow Beginning AM. Alpine Temperature Near -2. Snowfall 5 – 10 cm. Freezing Level 1200m.. Tonight: 10-15cm snow. Tomorrow: 5-10cm snow. Saturday: 5-10cm snow.

Oh well…. better make the most of it and get myself up the mountain.

The bear and the buggy

Springtime in Whistler and the bears are stirring.   And we met a surreal sight yesterday as a brown bear wandered across the Fairway at the bottom of our incredibly short garden … chased by a golf buggy.

I swear I could hear the driver.. ‘Give me back my ball!!’

That’ll be a drop shot and four strokes pal.

Meanwhile, elsewhere the snow is falling atop the mountain, which means rain lower down and crapola visibility for yours truly.   But the new snow is welcome and has made a difference to the conditions.

I just wish I had some new legs.. hopeless.. note to self:  get fit next year!

BBQing tonight with friends so must get busy in the kitchen as the girls are having a night off.   Oh, and got to pick up the kids from ski school first.

Thought this was supposed to be a holiday!

Keeping and eye on the weather

Mixed blessings for the last couple of days.  Yesterday was a a rest day (read:  too knackered to move) and today was a bit of everything.   First, we did one run to get our legs warm and then went up the Peak – which looked better than Harmony which was solid cloud.

Sweet run down The Saddle and then on to Franz’s which was hard and icy.   Toolkit Tim, the Dentist and I went on to the red chair and then back up the peak for another go.  Less viz, more bumps and not as satisfying.

Next we went over to Harmony and found some good snow, mixed viz and cloud.   We had a second go and found too much hard pack so headed in for coffee.   Two runs later and we were at Chic Pea for lunch.

And it started to snow in earnest.   We bided our time with another coffee and then headed off down Whisky Jack.   Not great, heavy snow falling as sleet and eventually rain.   Hard to see, heavy to ski on and … yes.. wet.   Yuk.

One more run, just to be sure and then I headed off to download from Olympic Station.   Soggy and thirsty we landed at the Longhorn for a couple before picking up the kids from school and heading home to the hot tub.

Best run of the day?   The hot tub, closely followed by the first run down the Saddle.

The freezing level continues to stay resolutely high at 1,500 to 1,800 m and the rain is both eroding the base and ruining the important bit that you ski on… hence we are keeping a weather eye on the err, weather.

Snow is forecast for later in the week along with gales.   All in all not looking the best… but you never know with mountain weather.   Let’s keep positive!

(with apologies for those of you who don’t know Whistler Mountain, piste map here)

Sun and Snow

Yup.   That’s what we’ve had.   Two days of it so far.   It’s a bit warm….but up high the snow is excellent, the visibility perfect and we haven’t seen a queue on any of the lifts.   Even Harmony, which can get busy, was empty.

Toolkit Tim and I skied a few too many bumps this afternoon, while Noodle sensibly avoided the worst of them.   Consequently my legs are fried and I’m off to bed.

Blackcomb tomorrow.   Can’t wait.

Ski fever

Oooh.. can’t wait…..

Clear view

We’re off, en famille and with friends, to Whistler in Canada for the annual pilgrimmage to the snow.

The snow report shows a base of 296cm or 117in which looks good…. but we need to keep an eye on the temperature which is up to 2°C in the village, although the peak remains at …. -5°C.

The irony is not lost on me that only yesterday was I whingeing about the cold…..

Illegal antics

News from Hong Kong that an Illegal Meat Roasting operation has been smashed will allow many of us to sleep easy in our beds tonight.   Apparently officers of the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department raided a factory during a blitz operation on Tuesday.

Approximately 540kgs of meat, roasting equipment and an LPG cylinder were confiscated from premises in Kowloon City and a man has been charged.

Phew.   Next I hear they will be all over the illegal vegetable boiling, fruit peeling and sauce making.   These practices are rife across Sai Kung to my certain knowledge.